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Can you fix my broken rig?
Will someone train me on how to use my rig?
Yes. Our trained technicians will deliver the rig to your job site where they will train you on all the equipment including startup and shutdown of the equipment and spray the foam as well.
Do you operate outside of the U.S.?
We currently operate in the U.S only.
Do you have warranty?
Our trailers come with a warranty, air compressors come with a 5 year warranty, our generators come with a 3 year warranty, and as long as you are spraying our foam we will fix anything on the proportioner for life.
What kind of foam spray products do you carry?
We are Rhino Linings largest foam distributors in the nation.
How big are your rigs?
We carry 16',18',20', & 22' long.
Can I purchase a rig?
Absolutely! We have a range of rigs for you to choose from including Pneumatic, Electric, And hydraulic.
Do you have financing options?
Yes. We have worked with the same finance company for over 5 years now.
Can I rent a rig?
Absolutely! We will send a trained technician out to your job site were they will operate the equipment while you or your employees spray the foam.